It Started With A Deal

Our company began in 2013. At the time, Raj was in the Kumaon region on the border between India and Nepal on a Fulbright Fellowship, working with a non-profit to create dignified rural livelihoods. It all began with a deal — if local communities would grow tea, Raj would introduce their teas into the US.


To learn how to create world class teas, we’ve partnered with pioneers across the Indian subcontinent. We’re honored to offer our teachers’  teas as a part of our collection. As such, every tea we carry plays a role in creating a more sustainable future. 

The philosophy underlying our  work is a simple one: the best teas grow out of the best practices. As such, we are a tea company and yet we see our work as part of something much larger. Every cup of tea we drink supports one system or another, ecologically and socially. We hope you’ll join us as we unlock the potential of this miraculous leaf.


Raj Vable, Founder
(906) 281-6970

Young Mountain Tea
418 A Street, Suite 220
Springfield OR 97477

Thanks to the Wild Gift foundation for their generous support and mentorship.