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2021 Loose-Leaf Tea Gift Guide

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2021 Loose-Leaf Tea Gift Guide

For thousands of years, tea has brought people inner peace and wellness during periods of turmoil. From the sacred tea ceremony of Japan, to the sophisticated British high tea (pinkies up!), to the soul-satisfying street chai of Delhi, each culture has shaped its own way of making this incredible drink.

Right now in the US, it’s an exciting time to be specialty tea drinker. For the first time, high-quality teas from all over the world are becoming widely available. Here at Young Mountain Tea, we specialize in sourcing the most sustainable, premium loose-leaf teas from India and Nepal. We’re thrilled to offer you teas you won’t find anywhere else, all sourced from emerging tea makers redefining specialty tea. In our gift guide, our goal was to pull together a single list of all the offerings we think would be ideal as gifts. 

And since we give 1% of all purchases to launching a farmer-owned tea factory, which in turns supports planting thousands of tea trees that live for 100+ years, these gifts bring cheer to all involved -- you, your lucky tea drinking friend, Indian and Nepali tea farmers, and the mountain ecosystems that produce the divine leaf. 

Whoever it’s for, we wish you and your loved ones the best in venturing deeper into the loose-leaf world. Steep on!

1. Tea Sampler

Young Mountain Tea Sampler

The vast diversity of the tea regions of India and Nepal all in one carefully curated box! This tea sampler includes nine neatly packaged samples, each enough to make 2-3 cups, from Assam, Darjeeling, Kumaon, Nepal, and the Nilgiris. This gift also includes an informative card, providing an easy way to stay organized and keep track of your favorites.

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2. Tea Bundle: Black Tea

Young Mountain Tea Black Tea Bundle

Our most popular tea bundle, which makes sense, given that black tea is the world’s most popular style of tea! We offer this bundle with either 3 or 5 teas, and in both small and medium sized pouches. Nothing beats the fire of a good cuppa’ black magic!

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3. Loose-Leaf Tea Starter Kit: Two Whole-Leaf Teas & Infuser

Loose Leaf Start Kit: folding strainer and two teas in tins

Perfect for those looking to dive into the world of specialty tea or raise the level of an existing tea practice. This set comes with two of our most popular teas and a well-built stainless steel in-cup infuser that fits effortlessly into any mug.

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4.Tea Bundle: Origin Specific

Young Mountain Tea Origin-Specific Tea Bundles

We assembled these origins-specific tea bundles to showcase the best of India and Nepal’s tea producing regions. This bundle comes with three small pouches from a selected origin, enough to make 10-15 cups per pouch, allowing one to appreciate the similarities and differences that arise when the tea plant is grown in one regions soils, yet processed in a multitude of ways. Available in five different varieties, you simply pick the origin, we’ll handle the rest!

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5. Tea Bundle: Blends

Young Mountain Tea Blend Bundle

After almost a decade of only offering single-origin teas, we launched our first line of collaborative blends this year to provide new ways to showcase our Indian and Nepali farmer partners' teas. In this bundle, you can enjoy all four of our inaugural tea blends, which were developed in partnership with the Jasmine Pearl Tea Company in Portland. From Himalayan Chai to Kumaon Earl Grey and beyond, you’ll get our renditions of the world’s classic tea blends. 

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6. Tea Club

Young Mountain Tea Club

Give the gift of tea all year long! Club members are the first to receive new, rare, micro-batch teas, and fresh lots of popular favorites. Every quarter, members receive a seasonal box of three pouches of tea. In addition, members get a personalized 30% discount on any purchase on our site, a ceramic loose-leaf tea storage jar, and a set of tea-inspired note cards to jot down important tea-inspired thoughts. 

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7. Young Mountain Tea Gift Card

Young Mountain Tea Gift Card

Let your lucky someone search for new tea, teaware, or art. And since every purchase through our store drives social and environmental change for rural communities in India and Nepal, you can feel good knowing that your gift will benefit people on both sides of the cup.

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8. Tea On-The-Go: Vacuum-Insulated Tea Tumbler & Two Teas

Tea on the Go: Vacuum-insulated Tea Tumbler & Two Teas

A durable, stylish, leak-proof tea tumbler with an infuser gives tea drinkers the ability to make tea anywhere. This gift set also comes with two teas, one black, one white, that are perfect for any situation. Just add hot water!

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Blog Author:

Raj Vable, Founder of Young Mountain Tea

Raj Vable, Founder

He has been confounded by the leaf since his first transcendental encounter with white tea in 2010. Three years later, he started Young Mountain Tea to bridge his budding tea obsession with his interest in traveling in the mountains and previous experience creating job opportunities in rural India. He revels in working across cultures and can be regularly found trying to get the rest of the team on board with another outlandish tea project. His favorite teas remain white, and he’s always searching for the next cup of magic.

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