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Homestay Program – Makaibari

What makes a cup of tea taste good? Is it flavor notes? The feel of the loose leaves in your hand? The memory of the place where you bought it or o...
Chai- India's National Drink (With Loose Leaf Tea)

Chai- India's National Drink (With Loose Leaf Tea)

Chai is India's national drink.  Although in many languages “chai” refers to pure “tea”, in India it refers to the aromatic and tantalizing concoction of warming spices and black tea.
Indian tea pickers in the Himalayas picking fresh green leaf that will be made into our Kumaon White or Black Tea.

The Catalyst Behind Kumaon’s Comeback

Nestled in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, 200 miles west of Nepal’s border, lies a little-known tea region called Kumaon. One of the most remote regions in all of India, Kumaon was originally settled in the 1400s by Indians fleeing religious persecution as invaders entered the subcontinent.

Makaibari Tea.  Premium Organic Garden in Darjeeling India. Young Mountain Tea

90 Second Video Summary of Spring 2014

Spring in the Young Mountain Tea world was a busy one – new teas from Nilgiri that represent our first direct import, redesigning our packaging, and our most significant milestone to date. Watch this 90 second video summary to find out what it was!
Adhiraj Vable, Founder of Young Mountain Tea.   Local tea company based out of Eugene Oregon.

Four Reflections Now That We're A One Year Old


I've been drinking a ton of tea lately, so I've been thinking about the tea business you said you might start (or that's at least how I interpreted what you said). So have you started it yet? I'm super curious about what your plan is. I'm wondering if you're talking importing/exporting, wholesale/boutique online shop/whatever in US? 
Woman thinking pensively over the tea garden hillside.  Traditional vibrant clothing.  Young Mountain Tea

Our Partnership with Avani to Cultivate Tea/Why We Are Selling Makaibari Tea

This is the second post about the seven months I spent in India. The first talked about a trip to the Nilgiri region, and this one focuses on our partnership to cultivate tea alongside other high-value mountainous plants.
India Tea Farmer.  Niligiri India where the fruity teas live.  Young Mountain Tea

Visiting the Nilgiris Mountains in Southern India

I just returned to Oregon after spending seven months in India. Since I’ve been back, things have quickly started heating up as we transition from “planning” to “doing." But before the events of the summer get lost, I wanted to share what happened in the last few months of India.
Why I Want To Start A Tea Company

Why I Want To Start A Tea Company

Here in the mountains of Northern India life is refreshingly stripped of nonessentials, and in their absence, I have been able to more clearly understand my happiness. At its core, I find mornings filled with strong sunlight and quiet cups of white tea.
World Tea Expo in 2013.  Big Milestone for the team.  Lots of tea companies seen and tea drunk! Till next time. Young Mountain Tea

Reflecting on the 2013 World Tea Expo

Last week we attended the World Tea Exposition in Las Vegas. By “attend” I mean we were dunked into a whole new world (I’m resisting cheap jokes about steeping, but it isn’t easy) of tea, and fortunately, we don’t intend to surface anytime soon.