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COVID Relief for Tea Farmers in India & Nepal

COVID Relief for Tea Workers in India & Nepal

The second wave of COVID-19 is exploding across South Asia and crushing nations' healthcare systems in the process. In the first week of May, India reported more than 400,000 new cases daily, and experts say that the actual number is at least twice that. In Nepal, 44% of the country’s COVID tests came back positive. 

While the worst of this wave started in the cities, our tea maker partners are reporting that tea communities are increasingly affected. That's because family members working in densely populated urban centers fled the cities and returned home, bringing COVID with them. Since the variants are spreading worldwide, what happens in India affects us all. ⁠

We believe that we can all do something to provide relief. That's why every month, we'll be donating 5% of online sales to local, trusted relief efforts. While some of our tea partners have dedicated emergency funds we can support, many don't, so we'll be working with them to figure out the best way we can support their community efforts. We'll continue this for as long as necessary. That is, until we get strong evidence from reputable sources that resources are no longer a constraint to flattening the curve on the Indian subcontinent.  

We also want to create opportunities for you to give if you can. When possible, we'll update this page with opportunities for you to donate directly.


We are committed to ensuring 100% of donations will go through to local organizations in tea regions, and will keep you updated with a monthly email.  If you'd like to give to our general fund that will be sent to various partners monthly, we have two options:

- BY CHECK (preferred): The best way is to write a check to Young Mountain Tea and mail it to PO Box 501, Eugene, Oregon, 97440. Please include your email address so we can keep you updated!

- BY PAYPAL: Please send to our PayPal account. When we transfer, we do lose 8%, so please factor that into your giving! Our account is associated with


Nepali Tea Foundation has created a Farmer’s Emergency Fund to cover daily wage earners most impacted by the pandemic. Funds will be used to help cover medical expenses, used to buy daily food essentials (rice, slat, lentils, and oil), as well as compensate for lost income.



Direct Relief is working to distribute oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies across India. DONATE HERE.

Oxygen for India, organized by the international Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, is setting up help desks at various hospitals to ensure that people get access to oxygen cylinders and concentrators for free. DONATE HERE.

- GoFundMe has provided a list of verified campaigns that seek to provide individual and community support, as well as address India’s shortage of oxygen for COVID-19 patients.  

We can all do something to make things a little better. Whether it’s $5 from your pocket or 5% of online sales from us, we hope you'll join us in sending 100% positivity to our friends, family, and partners. We’re all in this together.

    Covid relief for tea farmers in India & Nepal