Raj is our founder. 

He has been confounded by the leaf since his first transcendental encounter with white tea  in 2010. Three years later,  he started Young Mountain Tea to bridge his budding tea obsession with his interest in traveling in the mountains and previous experience creating job opportunities in rural India. He revels in working across cultures and can be regularly found trying to get the rest of the team on board with another outlandish tea project. His favorite teas remain white, and he’s always searching for the next cup of magic.


Ingrid leads our sales and communications.

Ingrid Remak, Picking tea in Kumaon India with tea farmer - Young Mountain TeaShe has been a tea drinker her whole life and joined Young Mountain Tea fresh off of several seasons of farming.  Stumbling across the company at a farmer’s market in 2013, Ingrid remarked that this was “the cup of tea I always wanted to drink” – ones that brought transparency to the supply chain and connected American consumers with growers and producers abroad.  Since then Ingrid continues to share the significance of Kumaon teas with the community, has traveled as a guide on Young Mountain Tea’s annual trips to origin, and begins every day with a cup of Kumaon White.


Lucas leads our finances and operations.

Lucas Ahlquist, pouring green tea in Salem, Oregon to tea drinkers - Young Mountain TeaHe was quickly converted to an every day tea sipper when he learned about the energizing yet leveling effects that Camellia Sinensis induces. Beginning his journey with Young Mountain Tea as an environmental science major in search of a way to use business as a driving force for good, Lucas continues to be intrigued and excited about the possibilities that such an entity can create.


 Hailey works in operations.

Once the teas enter our warehouse, they become Hailey's domaine. From packaging, to organizing festivals, to managing our customer database - Hailey is responsible for all our teas reaching your cups. She joined Young Mountain Tea with a degree in Environmental Science. Combining her interests in restoration ecology and sustainable businesses, Hailey believes businesses can have both positive environmental and social impacts on communities. Between cups of Nepali Golden Black, Hailey enjoys camping, snowboarding, and riding horses.