Nilgiri Green Smile - Young Mountain Tea

Nilgiri Green Smile

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Nilgiri Green Smile- Interestingly Peachy Green Tea

Origin: Coonoor Estate

Infusion suggestions: 175 F for 3 minutes

A bright whole leaf green tea from the south Indian Nilgiri mountains, with an interesting fruit finish that reminds us of peaches. As with all Nilgiri teas, this is a forgiving leaf that's difficult to over steep. As such, it's a great introduction to the world of Indian green teas.

This tea is produced in small batches by veteran grower Indi and his daughter Muskan. Paying homage to the Chinese tradition of naming teas after their shape, Indi named this tea Hari Muskan, a Hindi expression that translates to “green smile.” He says he didn't name the tea after his daughter, but we've got a suspicion there's a little family pride at play...