Organic Kumaon White Tea
Organic Kumaon White Tea

Organic Kumaon White

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Good mood in a cup! Organic, fresh, and sweet.

This rare spring tea is made using the stretching bud and first two leaves of the tea plant. Harvested just as the plant awakes from winter dormancy, it is minimally processed in order to preserve its natural freshness. Low in caffeine and high in antioxidants, it has delicate aroma with a surprisingly thick body. As with all whites, it has a wonderful sweetness. The unique twist of this tea is a green taste similar to honey melon, which can be attributed to the unique Kumaon soils and the organic practices used to grow the leaf.


Infusion Suggestions:
170 F for 5 minutes

0.5 OZ makes 5-10 cups of tea when steeped once per serving

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Champawat Garden


This tea started with a deal…

More than any other, this tea embodies the reason we are in business.

Kumaon was first planted with tea in the 1850s, but was too far from any port to get the tea out of the mountains. The tea experiments were abandoned, and for 140 years, the tea  thrived in the wild. Beginning in the 1990s, the government began to revive tea cultivation as a way to create rural livelihood opportunities for local communities. One of the men who has been involved since the beginning of this “revival of old glory” is Mr. Desmond Birkbeck, a native Kumaon son.

During our 2015 trip to India, we approached Desmond with an offer — if he and the communities he works with would make a white tea, we would introduce it in the US. They came good on their end, and we were thrilled to do the same. It was one of our most exciting moments of our short history to receive the tea and add it to our collection.

And the good news is that every year it will just get better!

Desmond seeing white tea for the first time, in the factory where this tea is made.

Kumaoni women harvesting the leaves from Chirrapani, the tea garden whose name means "split water."

Freshly harvested tea leaves. Yes please!