Tinjure Cooperative (Promise)

Our company began with a promise.

If a Himalayan non-profit would grow tea, Raj would buy their entire harvest. That was in 2013, when Raj was working in the Kumaon region of N. India on a Fulbright Fellowship. When the non-profit said yes, Raj quit his career in renewable energy to commit fully to exploring the potential of the miraculous tea leaf. The goal was to raise the quality of Indian tea as high as possible and direct import the next generation of Indian specialty tea into the US.

To understand how to make world-class teas, we reached out to pioneers across the industry — from Rajah Banerjee at Darjeeling’s legendary Makaibari Estate, the world’s first certified organic tea garden, to the Tinjure Cooperative in Nepal, one of the first community-owned tea production facility in the Indian subcontinent. These progressive leaders serve as our mentors for our work in Kumaon, and we’re proud to offer their teas alongside the Kumaon ones in our collection. Together we’re creating the next generation of Indian teas.

We often get asked “So you’re a non-profit, right?” Our answer is no. We are organized as for-profit because we believe that quality tea should stand alone. We want to build a model where the best practices lead to the best teas, period. While we hope you are interested in getting to know more about our work, we also hope you enjoy the tea just its purity – unblended, unflavored, whole leaf magic.

It’s a joy to share the discovery of new teas and innovative practices with our fellow tea drinkers. Cheers!