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Nilgiri Black Pearl - Young Mountain Tea
Nilgiri Black Pearl - Young Mountain Tea
Nilgiri Black Pearl - Young Mountain Tea

Young Mountain Tea

Nilgiri Black Pearl


Origin: Nilgiris, Southern India

Producer: Tea Studio

Infusion Suggestion: 210 degrees, 4 min

Certifications: None

Caffeine: High

Tasting Notes: Dried Figs and Dates, Natural Leather


Information: This sweet and tangy black tea melds the appealing aromas of a clean workshop with the bright tang of Mediterranean fruits. 

This unique black tea is made by one of India's first female tea producers -- Muskan Khanna. This tea is part of a series Khanna is making by adapting Japanese and Chinese methods to Indian tea leaves.

Production:  This tea is made using two leaves and a bud from the plants. The leaves are left to reduce their moisture content for almost 24 hours. Then they go through a process of rolling which ruptures the cell wall and allows fermentation/oxidation to begin. The rolled leaf is left overnight and by the next morning it has a sweet smell and dark brown appearance. The leaves are then fed into a double cauldron machine, which tosses the leaf repeatedly for approximately 2 hours, giving us the lovely round shape you see (resembling a pearl).

Region:  The Nilgiri region contain India’s southern-most mountains.  While the district is only slightly larger than Darjeeling, it produces nearly four times as much tea.  The prolific growth can be attributed to the lush tropical climate.  Unlike other regions, most of the land is owned by small growers who sell their green leaf to “bought leaf” factories. Nigiri teas are generally known to be less bitter as they contain fewer tannins than most china bush teas.  

Growers: Tea Studio is a state of the art processing facility in the Nilgiris run Muskan Khanna.  Her father, Indi, has been producing fine Indian teas for decades, however Muskan was interested in incorporating traditional Chinese methods into their production in order to create high quality, one-of-a-kind teas.  Under Muskan’s leadership, the factory is currently run and operated exclusively by a team of women – rare for the tea industry. In addition, Tea Studio is also an educational space designed to host groups and teach professionals how to make fine whole leaf teas.  Read more about Muskan’s Journey. 

Impact:  With the creativity and expertise employed at Tea Studio – the breadth and interest of Indian teas continue's to expand.  Though education and professional development, more small growers will have access to the resources they need to process high quality teas in the specialty tea world.  In an industry dominated by middle aged men, Muskan represents a youthful energy and face that will be essential if tea will continue to survive in rural India.

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My favorite tea!

While I have enjoyed every tea from Young Mountain Tea, Nilgiri Black Pearl is my favorite!❤️❤️❤️