Your Tea Pot
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Mission & Vision

3 Times A Day, Every Day, We Depend On Farmers.

Each time we make a cup of tea, we are enjoying the hard work of an actual human on the other side of the earth. It’s a small miracle, and yet, it’s so easy to forget. We at Young Mountain Tea are committed to honoring and uplifting the people who grow our food. We recognize we depend on them to stay alive. We recognize that their future and ours are one and the same.

Our Vision Statement

A sustainable future for Himalayan farmers and their families. 

Our Mission Statement

To partner with Himalayan communities to raise the quality of their tea, so farmers can earn more and raise the quality of their lives. 

The Problem & The Solution

Our philosophy

At the heart of it all, we are committed to unlocking the fullest potential of the people we work with. In India, in the US, and everywhere in between. In doing so, we hope we will unlock the fullest versions of ourselves.

And at the soul of it all, we believe that life is short and full of mystery. We consider it our highest goal to turn that mystery into beauty.