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Introducing Kumaon Tea

Kumaon Tea is unique partnership between smallholder farmers in the Kumaon region in North India’s Himalayas, and Young Mountain Tea. Kumaon Tea shifts the ownership of tea factories from large entities into the hands of rural, smallholder farmers. This approach is a groundbreaking departure from the industry’s colonial legacy that has prevailed for centuries, ushering in a new era of economic resiliency and autonomy for the local farmers.

Kumaon Tea is set to redefine the Indian tea industry through a commitment to farmer equity, regenerative agricultural practices, and world class teas.”

Kumaon Tea’s collection of black, white and green teas offers bright, complex flavors and premium quality, similar to the best teas coming from Darjeeling, India’s most prized tea region.

Kumaon tea grows at 4,000-6,000 feet above sea level, and the high elevation contributes to the distinctive flavor profile of the tea, as cooler temperatures allow stronger flavors to develop thanks to slower growth and beneficial environmental stressors. The 170-year-old heritage Kumaon tea bushes—some of the oldest in India—create a phenomenal product with strong, deep floral flavors bursting with freshness that far surpasses the flat, one-note black tea to which most tea drinkers are limited.


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