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Organic Kumaon Joy - Young Mountain Tea

Organic Kumaon Joy

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Organic Kumaon Joy Tea- A Lightly Oxidized Black Tea

An experimental black tea from a new tea region in N. India.

A light organic black tea from a new Himalayan tea region in north India. This tea was created as an experiment -- our Kumaon partners are well-versed in making traditional black teas, which are popular locally. In the past, we had asked them to try making a white, which they created but wasn't popular because it didn't pair well with the spices traditionally added to Indian teas. As a middle ground, our partners made this tea, which they made with an unusually long wither and a short oxidization. The result was fantastic, and we're excited to offer this tea among our other Kumaon ones.

Kumaon was first planted with tea in the 1850s, but was too far from any port to get the tea out of the mountains. The tea experiments were abandoned, and for the last 170 years, the tea has thrived in the wild. Beginning in the 1990s, the government took up a program to revive tea growth as a way to create rural livelihood opportunities.

We are proud to work with Mr. Desmond Birkbeck, a native Kumaon son who runs the government's efforts in his hometown of Champawat, to offer these teas for the first time outside of India. We hope you'll check out the video below, where Desmond shares an overview of Kumaon tea and describes our partnership to bring you these teas.


Desmond Introduces the Kumaon Region from Young Mountain Tea on Vimeo.