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Organic Assam Black - Young Mountain Tea
Organic Assam Black - Young Mountain Tea
Organic Assam Black - Young Mountain Tea

Young Mountain Tea

Organic Assam Black


1.7 oz ($0.42/cup)
3.75 oz ($0.37/cup)
1 lb ($0.25/cup)

Assam Black 

Origin: Assam, India

Garden: Satrupa

Infusion Suggestion: 210°F, 4min

Certifications: USDA Organic

Tasting Notes: Malty and Rich

Assam: This enlivening black tea from India's tropics is ideal for a robust morning brew.

Assam is the world’s most productive tea region.  Deep in the tropical jungle, these low elevation tea plants have larger leaves than the mountain varieties. Producing a rich, malty, robust liquor, Assam teas take well to milk and sugar, and are the base of Indian chai.

Taste:  Assam teas, almost always black, are characterized by their thick and strong body. The strength of the brew allows the tea to hold additional flavors such as bergamot, which produces Earl Grey, or milk, sugar and spices that make traditional Indian chai.  Assam teas dominate the western market in the form of English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast.

Production: Assam’s large leafed plants, temperate and tropical climate, rich mineral deposits (left by the Brahmaputra River), and 9-month growing season make it the most productive tea growing region in the world. Unlike the mountainous regions, the flat jungle landscape makes mechanized harvesting possible and many pluckers use tea cutting shears in order to speed up harvesting and get more material from the plants.   

Region: Since its inception, Assam focused on optimizing efficiency in production.  Within 40 years of establishing the first plantations, India overtook China as the largest tea producer in the world.

Most Assam teas end up in tea bags. The leaves go through a multistage processing technique known as CTC (cut-tear-curl).  Breaking the leaves into the smallest bits, the abundance of surface area makes the leaf particles release all their flavor notes in a single steep. 

Growers: Satrupa Estate produces an organic, whole leaf Assam. This tea introduces a new flavor profile to this otherwise monochrome Assam market releasing complex flavor notes over the course of several infusions. This makes for a smoother, more complex cup while retaining the robust body characteristics of Assam teas.