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Organic Nepali Silver Needles - Young Mountain Tea
Organic Nepali Silver Needles - Young Mountain Tea
Organic Nepali Silver Needles - Young Mountain Tea

Young Mountain Tea LLC

Organic Nepali Silver Needles


0.8 oz ($1.77/cup)
1.75 oz ($1.41/cup)
1 lb ($0.72/cup)

Origin: Western Nepal

Producer: Kanchanjangha Tea Estate

Infusion Suggestion: 2.5 g tea/ 1 heaping Tbsp, 8 oz water, 180oF, 4 min

Certifications: USDA Organic

Caffeine: Low

Tasting Notes: Milky and Meadow Mint

This sweet and smooth white tea captures the clean taste of fresh dew with lingering grassy undertones.

Nepali Silver Yeti is plucked from the Kanchanjangha Tea Gardens every spring. The downy coating to the delicate buds protects the nutrient rich new growth from insects.  The sweetness of white teas is coveted by many tea drinkers, along with the anti-oxidant rich broth.  

Production: Nepali silver needles is the finest classic white tea made with just the tender bud handpicked from selected bushes. As with other white teas, it is minimally processed and oxidized.  These processes are halted naturally by drying the teas at the right moment. The tea is very subtle on the taste buds with delicate stone fruit and floral muscatel tastes.  Silver needles are generally produced in the summer.

Growers: Located in the lush forests near Nepal's eastern border is the Kanchanjangha Tea Garden and Research Center – a 36 year old tea garden in the shadow of the 3rd highest peak in the Himalayas.  This garden was established by Mr. Deepak Prakash Banskota as an enterprising youth, and became the first Nepal tea estate to be certified organic.  Today the garden operatives along the lines of co-operative ownership with the workers in the factory having ownership in the company.  In addition, farmers are provided with free housing, daily necessities at a subsidized rate, and free education.

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This is my favorite tea, my nearly daily brew. It always leaves my mouth fresh with a light flavor that keeps me drinking all day. This tea has spoiled me for all others.