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2022 Gift Guide For Tea Drinkers

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2022 Gift Guide For Tea Drinkers

For thousands of years, tea has brought people inner peace and wellness during periods of turmoil. From the sacred tea ceremony of Japan, to the sophisticated British high tea (pinkies up!), to the soul-satisfying street chai of Delhi, each culture has shaped its own way of making this incredible drink. And when you give the gift of tea, you can help your loved ones experience inner peace too!

Our team has compiled this list of our top tea gift ideas for you. And since 1% of all purchases go towards launching a farmer-owned tea factory in north India, any gifts you order from our site will bring cheer to all involvedyou, your lucky tea drinking friend, Indian and Nepali tea farmers, and the mountain ecosystems that produce the divine leaf. Steep on!

1. Tea Sampler

Young Mountain Tea Sampler

Taste the diversity of India and Nepal's tea regions all in one carefully curated box! This tea sampler includes nine neatly packaged samples, enough to make two to three cups each. From Assam, to Darjeeling, to Kumaon, to Nepal, and the Nilgiris, this gift will give them the chance to explore the subcontinent's complexity in a cup. It also includes an informative card, providing an easy way for them keep track of their favorites.


2. Tea Bundle: Black Tea

Young Mountain Tea Black Tea Bundle

This is our most popular tea bundle, which makes sense, given that black tea is the world’s most popular style! We offer this bundle in either small- or medium-sized pouches. Select three or five teas per bundle. Nothing beats the fire of a good cuppa’ black magic!


3. NEW! 12-Month Tea Subscription Box

12-Month Gift, Tea Subscription Box

Give them the gift they’ll enjoy all year with the 12-Month Tea Subscription Box. Every three months, we'll ship them three high-quality teas that include micro-lots from our current tea making partners or premium teas from other brands we admire. Each tea pouch contains enough leaves to steep 15-25 cups. That’s a lot of new brews each year! For a limited time, this item also comes with a free ceramic tea cup set, which we'll send to the giftee along with a note letting them know a top secret gift is on its way. With free shipping and teas that are up to 40% off the retail price, this is a great value and a yearlong delight.


4. NEW! Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

Young Mountain Tea Custom Tote Bag

Fill this limited-edition recycled cotton tote bag with all their favorite steeps, such as our best-selling Nepali Golden Black or our popular premium Darjeeling Ruby Oolong. This tote is a blend of recycled cotton for softness and flexibility and recycled polyester for durability. The unique graphic designed by none other than our graphic designer extraordinaire, Mitra, features a tea sapling symbolizing the mighty tea plant's power for renewal. The mehndi-emblazoned hand below the sapling is intended to evoke the human element behind every single leaf of tea we offer.


5. NEW! Organic Tea Bag Sampler

Young Mountain Tea, Tea Bag Sampler

From Darjeeling in the towering Himalayas to Assam on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River, this sampler box covers South Asia’s iconic tea regions in the convenient tea bag format. In this sampler, they'll get 12 zero-waste tea bags that are housed in roomy pyramid-shaped sachets, giving the high-quality leaves room to shine. The Sampler makes a great stocking stuffer or can be paired with our Travel Tea Tumbler for the tea drinker on-the-go.


6. Young Mountain Tea Gift Card

Young Mountain Tea Gift Card

Let your lucky someone pick the new tea or teaware they want directly from our site with this e-giftcard. And since every purchase drives social and environmental change for rural communities in India and Nepal, you can feel good knowing that your gift will benefit people on both sides of the cup.


7. Glass Tea Set

Glass Tea Set

In this set, get them everything they'll need to host tea for two, including a cozy little candlelit warmer. Glass teapots deepen their experience, providing a window into the evolution of tea's colors in its transformation from water to elixir. Beyond the wonderful aesthetic, glass teapots also provide a visual cue when the tea is done steeping, a helpful reminder for those who are prone to getting lost in conversation. And of course, they can’t make tea without a few tea leaves, so we’ve paired this beautiful tea set with our most popular loose-leaf offerings.


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Raj Vable, Founder of Young Mountain Tea

Raj Vable, Founder

He has been confounded by the leaf since his first transcendental encounter with white tea in 2010. Three years later, he started Young Mountain Tea to bridge his budding tea obsession with his interest in traveling in the mountains and previous experience creating job opportunities in rural India. He revels in working across cultures and can be regularly found trying to get the rest of the team on board with another outlandish tea project. His favorite teas remain white, and he’s always searching for the next cup of magic.

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