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August 2017 Newsletter- Summer's Bounty Eclipse Special

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August 2017 Newsletter- Summer's Bounty Eclipse Special

Farmer's Market in Rishikesh. (photo: Deborah Knapp)


Summer's Bounty

One month left of summer tea drinking.  The end of August marks a time when gardens begin to overflow in vegetable glory and farmer's markets burst with the fruits and flowers of the season. While tea is produced oceans away, we hope that you have enjoyed getting to know the people and stories behind the teas you use to nurture, enliven and gather.  

As tea pickers and factory workers strike in Darjeeling, we are reminded that our decisions affect the future of the tea industry.  Thank you for choosing the cup of tea that represents your values. So drink with abandon friends.  Cheers.

Eclipse Special

eclipse oregon- young mountain tea
On Aug 21, the moon will pass between the earth and the sun. With our home base on the Willamette River, we are just north of  the moon's projected "Path of Totality" and wanted to celebrate with our own special:

Totally free tea on the total eclipse! 

Visit this link on the eclipse and we'll send you 1 oz bag of tea for free.

Welcome Tea Drinkers tea festivals- young mountain tea

We just returned from the Portland Tea Fest and recently welcomed over 2,000 new enthusiasts to our community.  We are happy to introduce one of a kind, direct-sourced teas to your cups. 

Learn about the people and placesbehind the teas you enjoy. 

Tea Pickers Strike - Darjeeling darjeeling tea plucker strike- young mountain tea

India's most famous and lucrative tea industry is at a stand still.  The Gorkhas, Darjeeling's Nepali speaking minorities, are on strike demanding a separatist state from the Indian government.  Much of the unrest is due to the unequal distribution of wealth created by the plantation style agriculture imposed on the region since British rule.  Read more here...

Tea Travels 

India TripsJoin us on one of our tea inspired trips to India and Nepal. Guests pick from the plants, walk the production lines, meet the producers, and drink tea all the while.  Learn more here..

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India - young mountain tea
Share some of your favorite tea inspired moments!  Join us on Instagram  and follow @youngmtntea to learn about monthly promotional discounts and specials, meet our Indian partners, and learn more about the world of tea.
"The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir

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"The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir
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