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March 2018 Newsletter - Green Glorious Green Tea

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March 2018 Newsletter - Green Glorious Green Tea
Indi Khanna admires the fields from his new factory nestled in the Nilgiri mountains of southern India. His factory, Tea Studio, will serve as a teaching facility for crafting specialty loose leaf teas. 

Green Glorious Green...

This month we are featuring one of our favorite Nilgiri green teas:  Green Swords. We'll include a 1oz bag for just $1 with your online order.  Use the coupon code swords1 to receive the discount.

Nilgiri teas are bright and with a natural sweetness reminiscent of honey.  They are considered the best for making sun teas and iced teas because they are lower in tannins and difficult to over-steep.  

Nilgiri teas grow year-round in India’s high-elevation tropical mountain range.  While the land under cultivation is only slightly larger than Darjeeling, production is four times as high.  Similar to Darjeeling, the area was first developed as a hill station for British soldiers to escape the hot Indian summers. Tea was first planted in 1835 and has flourished since then. 

Unique to the Nilgiris, 70% of cultivation is done by independent small growers who typically own less than a hectare. They sell their harvested green leaf to factories for processing.

March Special: Nilgiri Green Swords $1Indi Khana smiling at Tea Studio in Nilgiri Mountains

Indi Khanna (pictured above) is known for producing daring new teas from the Nilgiris. 

This month try his Green Swords.  This tea was inspired by the Chinese green Dragonwell, and is made by flattening and then pan frying the leaf.  

Add this tea for $1 using the coupon code swords1 (select the 1oz size). 

Energize the Shoulder Season... 

As we enter "mud season", treat yourself to some Young Mountain Tea vibrancy:

Kumaon  - Tea Trip
Group of Indian villagers with US travelers in India
Every year we bring our customers to the homes and landscapes where our teas originate.  Immerse yourself in homestays and experience India through all your senses. Contact for more information.


Traditional hindu ceremony in Indian house pc Deborah Knapp
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"The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir

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