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January 2018 Newsletter - Chaiwalas at Work... Street Chai

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January 2018 Newsletter - Chaiwalas at Work... Street Chai
A "chaiwala" (person who makes and sells chai) at work. He serves the tea in traditional terra-cotta vessels - India's disposable cups that are smashed on the ground after use.

Chaiwalas at work...

Chai is India's national drink.  These beverage stands adorn every bustling roadside thoroughfare, the vendors turning their practice into performance with quick preparation and extravagant service.  Travelers, truck drivers, rickshaw peddlers and locals gather to get their small glass of sweet spiced brew.  Make a house-chai of your own!  We've included the pillars of a chai recipe below that can be adjusted to your liking.  Make your house smell of sweet warming spices...

Resolved to travel in the new near?  Check our India Tea Tour - a trip to the heart of the Indian tea industry.  Designed for tea professionals and enthusiasts, we''ll travel to the Nigiris, Assam and Darjeeling with a comprehensive tea curriculum designed and taught by esteemed consultant Nigel Mellican.  Trip runs April 7-20th 2018. 

This year we have several new gift items including Tea Gift Packages, tumblers, scarves and a new subscription program.  The hand woven scarves come from our Indian partners at Avani, and are made from natural dyed yarns produced in the weavers communities.  

We hope you've got your hands wrapped around something warm.  Cheers!


Home Chai Blend

home made traditional indian chai recipe with ginger, cardamom, cinamon, tea, milk

  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Ginger (fresh and grated)
  • Cloves
  • Black Pepper

Simmer all the ingredients together on the stove, and keep adding water until the spices stop releasing flavor.

Traditionally made with Assam tea (a stronger more bitter tea that can hold it's weight against milk, sugar and spices)  - we encourage you to try making a house-chai blend of your own with Assam, Kumaon Black or Nepali Golden Black.

India Tea Tour

Germination table at the tea nursery in Kumaon India with tea cultivation professional in background

Professional development for the tea industry.  April 7-20th, 2018

India Tea Tours offers a one-of-a-kind hands-on experience in the Nilgiris, Assam and Darjeeling for tea professionals and enthusiasts.  Learn about all aspects of the Indian tea trade including cultivation, production, tasting/evaluation, exporting, and biochemistry.

Course content designed and taught by Nigel Melican, renowned tea consultant with 37 years of experience.

Contact raj@youngmountaintea.comfor more information.

Tea Gifts and Accessories

Share Young Mountain Tea with friends and family!  We have a number of tea treasure for the winter season: 

ethcial tea gift sets for holidays- Young mountain tea

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